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September 20, 2020

Welcome! I’m glad you are here. In this post, I’d like to check in on how we can Grow Strong Wings.

I’m saddened by the wildfires, the impact COVID has had on our world, people and businesses, the racial injustice, the state of our politics, RBG’s passing. It’s a lot. It’s heavy. My prayers go out that as a humanity, we can heal and rise up.

Today I’d like to share a few insights that help us to Grow Strong Wings during hard times. Several years ago, when I was going through a difficult stretch I heard the whisper “If we never compelled to rise above our challenges…we may never have learned how to fly…”. I knew at that moment that in the difficulty I was transforming, growing, learning…and that this process, although hard, was teaching me how to fly above the challenge, and come out the other side with some wise wings. If you’d like a copy of that saying, you can get one here:

So, how do you grow, learn, transform during a hard time, how do you Grow Strong Wings? Here are three tips:

  1. Accept it. I like to think of it as welcoming it in, inviting it in, accepting it, and making peace with it. There is great magic that can happen when you accept and invite it in. Give up on the resistance. I like to call out that there is a big difference between accepting it and getting stuck in it. Accepting it says I’m not denying it. Then you begin to ask, “What do you want from this?” Which will allow the energy to start to flow and new possibilities to emerge, even when things are quite difficult.
  2. Begin to Grow Strong Wings. If you can get a little distance from the difficulty, you can begin to see how it is helping you develop all sorts of soul qualities. How you are developing resilience, perseverance, strength, commitment, the skill of pivoting, of focusing on a way forward, of compassion, greater love? What are you learning? Take some time to meditate, and ask “What am I getting better at?, How am I growing?” Seeing this is about Growing Strong Wings.
  3. Make a Vow or Commitment. Then, shift your focus to a way forward. What do you want? What is a way forward that will fill your life with love and joy, greater peace? Then, what is a commitment or vow that you can make to yourself for your way forward, what do you want to focus on? How are you going to commit to yourself and the future you are creating? Make a vow or commitment for a way forward…like, “I see the possibility unfolding”, “I will focus on all the good in my life”, “I will declare that each new day I can move towards my desires” Let it be your focus, a way forward focus instead of getting stuck in the challenge.

If you’d like a bullet journal to help engage in a writing meditation on these tips, grab one here:

The bottom line, we all need to rise up to be the unique leader we can be during these times, to serve how we are meant to serve, how we are called. Sometimes we need to accept the difficulties, honor how it is causing us to grow, and make a vow for a way forward that will be in service to ourselves and others.

Thanks for being on the journey with me. May you Grow Strong Wings and serve in only the way you can…the world needs you!



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