We live in a world that is demanding, chaotic, and challenging.  It may cause us to slip into patterns of stress, overwhelm, burnout, and fatigue.  It can cause wear and tear on our system if we don't know how to care for ourselves, it impacts the quality of our lives.  What's worse, is these experiences of stress and overwhelm can become our new normal.  This way of living is not sustainable.

the problem

the solution

HeartMath® Tools and Technology

The HeartMath® system is a unique combination of science, tools and technology based on more than 25 years of research.  The HeartMath skillset includes learning new ways to help yourself thrive in a world of flux and challenge.

The benefits of practicing HeartMath skills include:

  • More energy throughout the day and for what matters most to you
  • Increased and sustained resilience and vitality
  • Enhanced intuition to respond to change and challenge
  • Alignment of the heart and brain for optimal performance
  • Reduced brain fog, increase in clearer thinking
  • Reduced stress, worry and fatigue

48% reported decrease in fatigue

46% reported decrease in anxiety

38% reported increase in calmness

30% reported improvement in sleep


Here's what studies with over 11,500 people have shown after practicing HeartMath for 6 to 9 weeks:

(Percentage of individuals responding "often to always" on normed and validated pre and post Personal and Quality Assessment POQA-R)

how i can help  

my job is to help you learn and practice simple tools and processes to shift from:

INCOHERENCE (Stress, Brain Fog, Overwhelm, Sleep deprivation) to COHERENCE (Resilient, Energized, Joyful, Patient, Mentally Clear)

is that a shift you'd like to make? 
Work with me in one of two ways!

schedule a strategy session

Over a 6-week period, I'll help you to get clear on your current state, identify what is depleting and draining your energy, then share with you a toolkit that you can begin to apply to experience a shift in your life to greater levels of coherence, resilience, and joy. 

I'll coach you on how to apply the HeartMath toolkit to get maximum results in your life!

1:1 Coaching

workshops and retreats

Work with me to create a customized workshop or retreat for your group.  From 90 minutes to 3 hours, I'll bring the science and toolkit to help your group make a shift to a more resilient, energized, coherent, optimally performing, joyful life.

I'm all about the results, so you'll leave the workshop or retreat with a plan to put into practice these simple, life-changing tools!

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Join me for this experience where I’ll unpack all the tips and practices I’ve learned. I’m all in with my head and heart to deliver  inspiring content that will help you to tap into greater inspiration and possibility!