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You are overwhelmed or fatigued.  You aren't tapped in to your inner joy, you've given up on feeling inspired.

You've lost focus on what matters most to you.  You're not believing in a life with more fulfillment, joy, and wonder, and may just be going through the motions.

You feel disconnected from your heart…you know it’s beating…but it’s missing Heart with a capital H. You numb out instead of feeling, you’d like to feel a little more love and joy.

You’ve had a few challenges or setbacks…you feel stuck which causes you to put a dimmer on what’s possible.

Does This Sound Like You?

Give yourself permission to have a dream.  (Ok, you may be a little cynical about this dreaming, but what if there is one tucked in your heart that you would have a regret about?)  
Consider the possibility that there is something bigger calling for your attention...

Honor what's most important to you, live your core values. 

Move through challenges with an inner strength and courage. Embrace the difficulty with grace and resiliency.

Have a plan and focus. Take inspired action toward creating life on your terms.  Navigate setbacks with heart.

would you like to...

Jill's gentle guidance in assisting me to silence the noise of my anxious mind allowed me space to instead open my heart and listen to the whispers of what brings me joy. Jill's heartfelt authenticity helped me identify my true gifts, strengths, and unique talents. In addition, her unique communication style and her No Regret Living workbook helped me define my core values and truly understand how giving time for my values gives me a surge of energy, while repressing these values makes me feel drained. Through the course of our meetings, I was able to rediscover dreams that had been buried by anxiety and unrealistic expectations for myself. A year following our time together, I resigned from my corporate job and am now working in a field that supports my dreams by using my talents of creativity, humor, and compassion. Thank you, Jill, for your gentle guidance as I silenced my inner critic and listened to my heart's longings! I feel much better than I did a year ago when I was spending my days in a job that didn't fill my heart, use my strengths or align with my core values. Today, I am able to use my gifts to not only serve others and be creative, but I have much more energy, my heart is full of gratefulness, and my soul is at peace.

Amanda H.

step three

Where your attention goes, the energy flows.  Focus your energy and intention on positive change.  Create a fluid plan that will help you to move forward and then generate momentum by taking inspired, messy, imperfect action.  Practice the mindset of believing.

Take Inspired, Imperfect Action

step two

Declare your core values, what’s most important to you!  Dare to dream about the mild to wild possibilities that are calling you. When faced with a challenge, shift your mindset from problem to possibility, and love and accept what is even a little more. Ignite your imagination with that something bigger meant just for you!

Declare What’s Most Important

step one

Commit to practices to silence the noise and listen to what's most important.   Activate your inner resilience and begin to break the patterns of overwhelm.  Ease into a focus on wonder, awe, gratitude, and joy, reminding you that something bigger is at work!

Silence the Noise

how coaching works

i'm ready for this.

Laying your head on your pillow at night with a Heart that’s full and a knowing that you are living with fewer and fewer regrets.

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A 35+ page Roadmap filled with practices and tools  

An 85+ page Listening to Life's Whispers Ebook

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I came to Jill weighed down by the practicalities and responsibilities of life. I was not seeing the possiblities for living a joyful life, doing the work I was called to, within my current constraints as sole provider and care-giver for both aging parents and as a single mom of young kids. Jill’s ability to see and affirm my gifts, give me that sense of possibility and hope, and offer practical approaches to launching the work my heart was calling for …It made all the difference in the world. I walked out of there a different person with joy in my heart, a plan in my notebook, and commitment to live the life that I want for myself. Jill’s endless energy, optimism, and practical mindset helped me get into the state of mind I needed to move forward in a positive way. I can’t thank you enough, Jill!

Cindy W.