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You have an inner inkling there is something more for you, and if you were totally honest with yourself, you have some dreams tucked in that heart.

You want to live a fulfilling life, one without regrets, but you are a little cynical or doubt that there’s much that can change.

You have given up on having clear focus and intention, and have fallen into some unproductive habits.

There can be times where you are triggered, and fall into a downward spiral, depleting your energy and resiliency for what matters most.

Does Any of This Sound Like You?

You experience life as a little groundhog day-like routine. There’s no spark or excitement.

You feel disconnected from your heart…you know it’s beating…but it’s missing Heart with a capital H. You numb out instead of feeling, you’d like to feel a little more love and joy.

You’ve had a few challenges or setbacks…maybe you feel stuck which causes you to put a dimmer on what’s possible.

You would like to talk to someone about that dream, someone who won’t judge you, you would welcome a little accountability.

Give yourself permission to have a dream.  Ok, you may be a little cynical about this dreaming, but what if there is one tucked in your heart that you would have a regret about?  
Consider the possibility that there is something more calling for your attention.

Take a look at your life. Ask, what really matters most to you? What don’t you want to have regrets about? When you look back 5 years from now, what are you going to be happy about starting now?

Move through challenges with an inner strength and courage. Embrace the difficulty with some grace and resiliency, acknowledge that this setback may have taken you down, and now it’s time to rise.

Have a plan and focus. Take inspired action and gain momentum towards your desires. Practice having a focused intention that gives you energy, joy, and love.

Have a spark in life, a spark of creativity, of happiness for getting out of rut behaviors and moving downstream with what brings you alive.

Practice mindsets that cultivate a life of gratitude and possibility in the face of problems.

would you like to...

step three

Here you will create a fluid plan that will help you to move forward and then generate momentum by taking inspired, messy, imperfect action. You’ll practice the mindset of believing.

Take Inspired, Imperfect Action

step two

Here you will declare your core values, what’s most important. You will dare to dream about the possibilities that are calling you. When faced with a challenge, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset from problem to possibility. You’ll ignite your imagination with what you wish and desire.

Declare What’s Most Important

step one

Here you will identify daily practices to silence the noise so you can listen to your center, your nudges, and your whispers. You will make peace with the noisy stories of the past by the powerful practice of acceptance and seeing how you are a hero of your journey. I believe in listening before massive action forward, here’s where you listen to what’s true for you.

Silence the Noise

how no regret coaching works

i'm ready for this.

Laying your head on your pillow at night with a Heart that’s full and a knowing that you are living with fewer and fewer regrets.

you'll leave with:

For three months


Bi-weekly 60 minute coaching calls over the course of 3 months


No Regret Coaching Package

Meditations for each step in the process, connecting you with your divinity

Bullet journals to support intentional behavior change

Journal prompts to stir creativity and possibility thinking

A fluid plan format designed to create focused intention and momentum

Mindset hacks to help move your closer to your Heart’s desires

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