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Acts of the Heart


October 11, 2020

Last week I was working on my bio and found myself thinking about my “accomplishments”, my acts of “success”.  I remember feeling a little like I need to look good, build my credibility.  My ego was at work.

A few days later I was writing in my journal, and heard this whisper…

And one day she read over the list of what she has done…and realized she hadn’t listed the most important things she’s done…like love, bravery, kindness, compassion, creativity…and that’s the list that never wants to be done…”

Wow.  I am so used to looking at success as my external accomplishments, and not giving credit and honoring and celebrating all the little ways I love, practice kindness, show compassion, give, listen, care as a success. Does this sound like you too? Do you lose sight of the Acts of the Heart as being SUCCESS in your days and weeks?

What if we did a little re-wiring on this topic of success, and for a week, honored and celebrated Acts of the Heart as true SUCCESS.

To help you notice, shift your focus, re-wire, and celebrate your Acts of the Heart as SUCCESS, I’ve created a little journal worksheet.  Check it out here: This week, I encourage you to shower yourself with all the ways you love, practice kindness, share, give, laugh, comfort, listen, care, are brave and courageous.  Let’s re-wire ourselves a little bit, and honor these Acts of the Heart as success – Yes, this is SUCCESS!

Because, here’s the deal, and we both know this.  If we don’t practice these Acts of the Heart, life feels a little empty, a little misaligned, off track.  It doesn’t feel good.  Practicing Acts of the Heart gives us joy, fulfillment, happiness, love – it causes our heart to expand in good ways.  Now that’s SUCCESS.  Acknowledge yourself for what is truly important.

Wishing you true magic as you see all the ways you are SUCCESSFUL.  All the ways you love, care, give, create, laugh, celebrate in this beautiful life we have.



p.s. Grab a copy of this print to tuck in your journal right here:

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