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Learn secrets to help you align your head and heart, to create more joy and resilience.  Gain insights on how to pay attention to that something bigger that's calling you and how to take thoughtful action towards what matters most. 

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a retreat to renew and reset you!

Are you feeling overwhelmed or fatigued, lacking that energy for what's most important?  Do you want to experience greater focus, more joy and resilience?  Want to learn how to pay attention to that something bigger that's calling you?  If so, check this out!

I've created an inspiring in person retreat to help you Reset and Renew!

Check out a thoughtful agenda with practices where we will explore the science of the heart to gain resilience, shift our mindset to mild to wild possibilities,  declare your core values, listen to your something bigger, then strategize on moving forward with action, joy, and focus.

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First, explore how you are spending your energy.  Are you living from the outside in?  Or inside out?  What is resilient and sustainable?  

Then, leverage the science of the heart to learn practices from HeartMath® that stop the negative cascade of stress and overwhelm in your physiology.  Learn how to create greater resilience.

Examine the roles in your life and get clear on what's most important to you.  Declare your core values and assess where you are honoring and not honoring what brings you joy.

Learn how to pay attention to that something bigger that is calling you.  What are your mild to wild possibilities?  Develop practices that notice the wonder and awe in life!

Then, focus on how to create momentum through daily habits and choices that bring you joy and fulfillment, closer to your heart's desires.  

Join me on a retreaT:

Inspired to nurture your head and heart, to pay attention to your something bigger, to listen to your whispers, and move forward with joy!  

you'll feel:

A 6 hour IN PERSON Retreat

Ooodles of practices and tools on resilience, downtime, possibility, dreaming, following joy, listening to life's whispers, and discovering your something bigger. 

An 85+ page e-book on Listening to Life's Whispers.


you'll leave with

what you'll get:

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We hired Jill to design and facilitate a retreat experience for our entrepreneurial peer group. Jill shared with us creative thinking and approaches around navigating our energy, the science behind stress and our physiology, HeartMath tools and the concept of coherence, and shifting to possibility mindsets.


Jill was easy to follow and deliberate in her facilitation, provided quality workshop materials, and delivered actionable and practical take-aways for our group. It is obvious that she really cared about our team having an impactful experience. I'd recommend Jill if you are considering a unique retreat experience for your team!


Daniel M.