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Secrets to help you align your head and heart, to create more joy, coherence, and resilience.   Practices to reduce stress and overwhelm. Insights on how to live your mild to wild possibilities!  Let's take time to re-focus on what's most important to you.

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a retreat to reset and renew you in 2022

Are you feeling overwhelmed or fatigued, lacking that energy for what's most important?  Do you want to experience greater focus, more joy and resilience?  If so, check this out!

I've created an inspiring in person retreat to help Reset and Renew YOU in 2022.

Check out a thoughtful agenda with practices that lie at the intersection of: energy management, the science of the heart to gain resilience, insights from neuroscience on practicing possibility, the benefits of intentional downtime, listening to your something bigger, then moving towards whats most important to you with joy and focus.

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First, unpack what depletes and renews you energy.   Get clear on the triggers that impact your well-being.

Then, leverage the science of the heart to learn 3 practices from the Institute of HeartMath that stop the negative cascade of stress and overwhelm in your physiology.  Learn how to sustain your energy levels and resilience.

Gain insights from the field of neuroscience.  Learn and experience the benefits of shifting from a negativity bias to possibility, optimism, and imagination.  Then, be prepared to explore a practice of downtime.

Give yourself permission to have a dream and pay attention to that something bigger that is calling you.  What are your mild to wild possibilities?  Claim your core values, and reflect on what's most important to you.

Learn how to create momentum through daily habits and choices that bring you joy and fulfillment.  Create a practice that centers you in the present.  Have fun learning how to use a bullet journal to track success, and how your progress creates a cascade of reward benefits for you.

Join me on a retreaT:

Inspired to nurture your head and heart, to pay attention to your dreams and inklings, and move forward with joy!  

you'll feel:

A 6 hour IN PERSON Retreat

Ooodles of practices and tools on energy management, optimism, downtime, possibility, dreaming, following joy, making resilient choices including an 85+ page e-book on listening to life's whispers.

Three follow up 1 hour group coaching sessions.


you'll leave with

what you'll get:

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I’d love for you to join me for a live retreat where I will share Secrets to reset in 2022. I’m all in with my head and heart to share mindset, meditation, and momentum practices to launch you forward! 

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