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Secrets to help you to go gentle with yourself, to discover more self-love and effortless joy, to listen to your something bigger, and pay attention to your mild to wild possibilities!

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a mini retreat for your soul

Are you feeling overwhelmed or fatigued, lacking that inner spark for life?  Do you want more joy and resilience?  If so, check this out!

I've created a gentle, nurturing, inspiring LIVE hour of self-love to help you reset and get ready for 2022.

No pushing and striving here.  Just all my best practices for self-compassion, gratitude, slowing down and listening to your something bigger, then moving forward with joy.

I'm packing it up into an hour retreat for your soul, just for you!  Check out what I've got planned.  I hope you'll join me! 

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First, gain insight on what robs your energy.   Stop the ups and downs that triggers cause and move forward with intentional choice and greater resilience.

Then, create a practice of great self-compassion and gratitude, creating the conditions to listen to your heart and be inspired.  

Learn how to shift from a problem focus to the mild and wild possibilities for your life.

Give yourself permission to have a dream and pay attention to that something bigger that is calling you.  Gain insight on how to listen to your nudges and guidance.

Give up on goal setting and create momentum through daily habits and choices that bring you joy and fulfillment.  Have fun learning how to use a bullet journal to track success.

Join me on a retreat for your soul:

Inspired to nurture your soul, to pay attention to your dreams and inklings, and move forward with joy!  No sales push or timed offers, just an invitation.

you'll feel:

A 60 minute LIVE Webinar

Ooodles of practices on self-compassion, gratitude, listening to your heart, dreaming, following joy, making choices

An 85+ page eBook on How To Listen to Life's Whispers 

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what you'll get:


Stay tuned, to be scheduled

I’d love for you to join me for a live retreat where I will share Secrets to reset in 2022. I’m all in with my head and heart to share mindset, meditation, and momentum practices to launch you forward! 

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