I’m here to help you live with greater joy and possibility

to embrace life with resilience and courage, especially when it is hard or messy

i believe you can do this

i'm jill saunders


my story

My journey hasn’t always been easy. I have experienced a miscarriage, divorce, a layoff, and a depression. I raised my son as a single mom working full time and managing a house. The gifts of these experiences are many! Because of the challenges, I have developed creative, meditation, and yoga practices to fill my life with resiliency and vitality. I am a believer in the Heart with a capital H. I practice creativity almost everyday as a way to stay connected to something bigger. The hard times launched me into my truth.

20 years ago I started an adventure that would change my life. I was soul-searching and signed up for a coaching certification at the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. There I learned the transformative gift of listening and have been listening and asking questions ever since. I’ve put my coaching skills to practice coaching leaders in Fortune 200 companies for the last 20 years. I have dug deep into emotional intelligence, empathy, values and vision, and behavior change. I completed coursework from the Coaches Training Institute and am a certified HeartMath coach and trainer.

Teaching you how to listen to life's whispers meant just for you

Teaching you how to power up your heart for a bouyant and resilient life

Shifting from problems to possibility

Feeling heard can transform you


My Coaching Superpowers

Possibility Thinking
heart focused
believer in whispers

“When she couldn’t think straight anymore, she decided to think curvy, which got her to a better spot”

words i live by


Completed coursework from Coaches Training Institute


Depression…One of my biggest teachers


Divorced…hard…discovered my inner strength


Tyler was born! Mom of a ginger…fell in love with him


Graduated with coaching certification from Hudson Institute


Masters in Human Resource Development


IT geek for mega company

My Timeline

where I've been


Mom, coach, creative, yogi, heart practitioner


Laid off. And, I began to rise into my truth



i don't watch tv


always have

A journal

believer in


favorite drink

chocolate bone broth Smoothie


Maui South Side


heart focused practice


favorite power green

I'm a little crazy about...

I love to meditate and pray. My favorite meditation time is in the morning, and I especially like meditations with a heart focus, followed by a little dancing.


I’m a mom of a 21 year-old ginger, Tyler. I love him to pieces and am so grateful for our relationship.  Right now, he’s a senior at the University of Wisconsin, Madison with plans to go to med school.


I’m a Minnesotan. I was born in St. Paul, and have spent my adult life in Minneapolis. I own and operate a snow blower. For over 50 years of my life I have visited this special lake, Lake Marquette, every summer.


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