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The Plan: LOVE More


August 1, 2020

Last Monday morning I heard a God whisper while I was working on my plans for the week. I heard:

The plan is to give up on all plans…except the plan to LOVE MORE…

I wrote it down with a smile, I love to hear the nudges. Then, I said to myself “How am I supposed to do that? I am working full time, managing a house, parenting, living in a pandemic…” Sigh. I knew it was the guidance I was meant to hear…maybe you too.

With all the uncertainty, the pandemic, the racial injustice, the political chaos it’s easy to feel like we aren’t making an impact. What if we acknowledged the difference our love IS making and allowed ourselves to love just a little more, in the way that is perfect for us. What if we allowed love to be our medicine.

I like to ask myself inquiring questions, here are a few I am asking about love you might like:

  • What if I didn’t withhold love, where would I love more?
  • Where am I too tired to love? How can I get some rest, then love again?
  • Where is my heart closed? Is it possible to open it a little?
  • What can I love in my community? How do I want to love the world? What’s my way to love?

Please know I’m not asking you to do another thing in this pandemic, it’s more like a be love, a gentle sharing of your heart in a bigger way. What I do know about love is that just a little love can heal ourselves exponentially, it’s good medicine… and who doesn’t want more of that right now.

With love,


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  1. Marjorie says:

    At this time the world needs more love! I’m going to make copies and pass them out at work! Thank u!

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