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Wisdom of a Yogi and Downloads


April 5, 2020

My hope is that this finds you and your family healthy and safe.

I am writing today to share some wisdom from a yogi that has helped me over the last several weeks. My intent is that it may be short and sweet, and helpful to you in some way.

I’ve been enjoying taking yoga classes on-line. There are so many beautiful teachers that we now have access to learning from. This kundalini yoga teacher I was listening to shared an insight that you may like. He said, “energy flows where attention goes.”

As we wake up to new days in this pandemic, I think it’s really important for us to check what’s getting our attention. Are we drawn to the feeling of being quarantined, news stories, fear, 401k balances, politicians? Or, can we wake up and focus our attention on all of our blessings, our health, our ability to stay safe, our friends and family, nature, acts of kindness and love?

Energy flows where attention goes

I love the practices of prayer, meditation, yoga, and journaling to focus my attention these days. By focusing my mind on ways to self-care, live in gratitude, to notice kindness I find I’m not as overwhelmed. I also try to focus attention on 2-3 goals for the day, simple goals that create a feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

You know I love to create. I’ve created a couple of bullet journal pages that may help you to focus your heart and mind and clarify a few goals for the day.

You can download the bullet journal pages here…

Daily Blessings:


Daily Intentions/Focus:


Even though times are difficult and uncertain, may your energy follow your attention in beautiful directions.

With love,


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