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Show Up For Yourself (Blog post 3 in a 4 part series)


February 2, 2020

Welcome! Thanks for taking the time to check this out. This is blog post 3 in a four-part series. In this series, I have shared tips and practices to help you answer the question “What Next Dear One?”…what’s next to live a dream inspired life?

In this series, we have looked at in post 1, “What Brings Your Heart Alive?” What is it that inspires you and brings you joy? In blog post 2, I shared tips and practices on how to listen to the whispers and nudges meant just for you, how to pay attention to the guidance and support to create a life that is inspiring. In this blog post, I’ll share ideas about Showing Up for Yourself, how to put your dream in motion.

So, let’s dig in. Living a dream inspired life, allowing your heart to come alive can be challenging. You may currently feel discouraged or despair about following a dream. Or maybe it causes you to feel overwhelmed. It could be that your subconscious has a story going on that says it’s never going to work, or it’s not meant to be. Or maybe this has happened, you have felt inspired about following an idea, and within hours have talked yourself out of it. Does any of this sound like you?

Here’s the truth, and you know this, you are the only one who can put in motion living a dream inspired life, following what brings your heart alive. You are the only one who can show up for yourself and take the actions to create more of what you desire. Let me share some tips on how to show up for yourself if you may be feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, or if your subconscious has a story playing out about how it will never happen.

  1. Notice Your Inner Game. What is the story you are telling yourself about following a dream or bringing your heart alive? What is it that you are saying to yourself? Is it a negative story, a story about how difficult it will be? If so, notice this story. We all have them. The game is to be aware of your story, and then to replace it with a story of what is possible, a story of the dream you do want to unfold. I have one client that is going through a job search, and she notices herself telling a story about how it’s difficult and hard, how she may not find a way to use her gifts and talents. She is working on being aware of this story, then telling a new one. Filling her subconscious with a story of what’s possible, how her gifts and talent will be appreciated and valued, how she’ll make the perfect income. It’s subtle, and it’s powerful. Noticing the negative story and telling a story of possibility is a key step to showing up for yourself. Here’s a .pdf of a print you can tuck away in your journal or post about listening to your heart instead of the voices of doubt:
  2. Get Started With Your Outer Game. What if this week you said to yourself you don’t need to have it all planned out, you don’t need to know all the steps to creating your dream, you just need to get started. What if this week you got clear on 5 Bold Action steps that can be taken from a place of joy and inspiration, a place of happiness because it sets in motion what brings your heart alive. Show up for yourself by starting, by naming the 5 Bold Action steps you can take this week. Your steps can be small like practicing gratitude every day, or bigger like reaching out to network with someone, or setting aside time to write a book. Maybe you want to start eating clean or exercising. Then commit to taking your 5 Bold Actions. If your story shows up, if negative beliefs start to run around in your mind, if you feel fear, take your steps anyway. Commit to 5 Bold Action steps you can take.
  3. Don’t Push or Strive. Consider your mindset when you are taking your 5 Bold Action steps. Often times we think we need to push hard, we need to strive, we need to get it done, we need to work hard. What I’d like for you to consider is that if you are moving towards what brings your heart alive, you can show up for yourself in a way that is joyful. Identify and take your 5 Bold Actions from a place of inspiration, not striving. It’s work, but you have the energy to do it, you have the resiliency to see it through because it’s your heart’s work.
  4. Repeat. After you’ve had a successful week of taking 5 Bold Action steps, it’s time to do it again. Identify another 5 Bold Action steps that move you towards living a life where your heart is alive, you are following a dream, you are feeling inspired. Again these steps aren’t pushing, striving steps. These are inspired action steps. Then…you got it…you build momentum again with another 5 Bold Action steps the following week. Take it week by week. Listen to your guidance and wisdom on how to move forward in an inspired way. Follow what feels joyful and creative, what expands possibility. By practicing 5 Bold Action steps every week, you are gaining momentum. You are beginning to direct your energy in a way that will light up your heart and give you a great feeling because you are showing up for yourself.

This week, give it a shot. Notice your inner game then play your outer game by identifying those 5 Bold Action steps that feel inspiring, daring, creative, hopeful, steps that will bring you joy because you are showing up for yourself. You can do this! Many wishes for a week of showing up for yourself.





  2. Bobbi Eckes says:

    Thanks so much for reminding us that our dreams are doable and that it does not have to be overwhelming to achieve them. We just need to take the first step. You are inspiring and wise.

  3. Brianerype says:

    Love the website– extremely individual pleasant and lots to see!

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