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Guardian of Your Energy


July 13, 2020

I love the topic of energy.  I’ve learned over the years of practicing yoga that we all have a life force energy, and it’s up to us to be a guardian of this energy.  Our energy is precious.  If we have too many energy leaks or drains, it’s difficult to summons the energy we need to create our dreams and desires.  In this blog, I hope to inspire you to be a guardian of your energy, to be watchful, to tend to your vitality and life force so you have the energy for your wishes and aspirations.

Consider the following tips about being a guardian of your energy:

Be Aware

The first step to being a guardian of your energy is to be aware of what is fueling your life force, giving you energy and vitality, and what is draining your life force, what are the leaks running you down.  This bullet journal is a simple tool for you to use over a period of several days to become more aware of your energy sources and energy leaks and drains:

As you go through your day, be very conscious of what is filling you up, what is helping you to feel centered and focused, what is inspiring you, what is giving you energy.  Then pay attention to your leaks and drains, what is it that is triggering you, running you down, taking a toll.  What is it that may start a downward spiral that causes you to numb out with food, alcohol, scrolling, binging on TV. 

I recommend keeping this bullet journal page close by for several days and checking in regularly throughout the day on what is fueling you, and what is causing leaks and drains.  Get as specific as possible.  Sometimes our leaks can be very subtle and can sneak up on us.  Practice some intentional awareness here to see what’s happening with your life force.

Be Mindful of a Way Forward

After you get clearer on your energy drains and leaks, it’s time to get creative about managing them, addressing them so they don’t cause your life force to be less than vital and resilient.  Here are some strategies on how to be mindful and take inspired action:

  • You might be really clear on inspired actions you can take to stop the energy leak.  Maybe it’s a conversation you need to have or a task that needs to be done, maybe it’s as simple as making an appointment with a mechanic or cleaning off your desk.  Energy drains aren’t always complex or hard they can be little things that add up to draining your life force.
  • When you notice the energy drain is more significant, take a pause.  Stop and notice how the energy drain is impacting your mind and physical body.  Pause and take a few deep breaths.  Be present with it.  Push the pause on this energy drain taking over, and causing you to spin into a downward spiral.  Pausing and breathing is a great mindful action to take. 
  • Then, after you have paused and centered, ask yourself, “what’s a more effective way forward?”  Notice what your intuition nudges you to do at this moment.  It may not be the entire solution, but it’s a way to stop the drain at this moment and shift towards a solution – even if it starts with baby steps.
  • If the drain is overwhelming or significant, letting go of the energy drain or leak is a practice to stop it from taking over and spiraling you down.  It is another powerful approach.  Notice the energy drain, and mindfully let it go.  Here the practice is to give it some distance, give it some space, not to get to tangled up in it.  Let it go. Spend time doing something that fills you up…and then…
  • Ask for some guidance and insight on how to manage this energy drain.  Ask that force of something bigger to give you guidance and insight, some clarity on a more effective way to manage this drain or leak.  One way to do this is to pray affirmatively, “thank you for the guidance and insight on how to manage this drain or leak.”  Give it some distance then notice how you are inspired to take action, what creative ideas or approaches you may receive towards a solution.

This week, I encourage you to be a Guardian of Your Energy.  Be aware, Notice what is happening to your life force.  Then be mindful about ways you can stop the leaks and drains, reclaim your energy.  By doing this you’ll be able to move towards that which brings you great joy and vitality.  Even the most subtle leaks, if caught and stopped can source you with the energy you need for what is truly most important to you.



P.S.  If you’d like a reminder to tend to your life force, print out this Force to Behold image to hang on your mirror or tuck in your journal:

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