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I’m feeling so grateful over here. I’ll be honest, I was feeling a little discouraged when I got the feedback from the book publisher that they didn’t want to go ahead with the project. And, it caused a natural pause. A pause to consider how I want to live authentically and real and courageous and […]


The Pause: Trust Your Inner English Teacher

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Dear Friends, I hope this finds you having an amazing summer, doing all the things that fill your heart with love and gratitude. I have been super blessed over here. My son Tyler has been home for a couple of months. He is a cool kid, and inspiring and fun to spend time with. I’m […]


Book Update & Social Media Practices

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For those of you close to me, you know I have a son, Tyler, who is a senior at the University of Wisconsin Madison. It’s a big week for him, he finds out his MCAT results. I’d like to tell you a little story about him that I think is inspiring, and one I know […]


No Plan B

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On a trip to Maui, I was inspired by a secluded beach we found. The story of finding the beach was much like the story of finding the “paradise” in our lives. No matter where you are on your journey, it’s important to pay attention to what is calling you, your heart’s desires. There may […]


Chicken in Paradise

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Dear Friends, I’ve been having fun experimenting with different ways to create and share content. I’ve been using a new feature in Canva to create videos. My intent with these videos is to share concepts and models that make a connection with you, and help you to get from where you are today to your […]


Your Something Bigger

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I was meditating this morning, and had a dash of clarity that I want to share with you. I have a daily practice of visioning my desires and aspirations, and declaring what I desire to create in my life. It’s a fun and joyful practice, and I really look forward to it daily. The clarity […]


Flex Your BELIEVING Muscle

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Welcome Back to the Summer 2021 RESET! This week, I’d like to share some tips and insights on this topic of DREAMING. The Summer 2021 process is following three steps: Silence the Noise Declare What’s Most Important Take Inspired, Messy, Imperfect Action Dreaming falls under the step of Declaring What’s Most Important. Let’s be honest, […]


Reset Practice #5: Dare to Dream

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Welcome to Practice #3: Listening to Life’s Whispers! For those of you just joining, over the last two weeks, I’ve been blogging about practices to help with a little Summer 2021 Reset. The Summer 2021 Reset is following these three steps: Silence the Noise Declare What’s Most Important Take Inspired, Messy, Imperfect Action The posts […]


Reset Practice #3: Listening to Life’s Whispers

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