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Flex Your BELIEVING Muscle


October 3, 2021

I was meditating this morning, and had a dash of clarity that I want to share with you. I have a daily practice of visioning my desires and aspirations, and declaring what I desire to create in my life. It’s a fun and joyful practice, and I really look forward to it daily. The clarity or insight I had in my meditation practice was do I REALLY BELIEVE that my desires and aspirations will unfold, will happen, with my whole heart?

It was a powerful insight for me. Do I REALLY BELIEVE, with a certainty, with an expectancy that the good I desire will unfold? I checked my mind and my thinking, and I realized that my BELIEVING muscle could be strengthened.

Is this true for you too?

What if we checked out our thinking, and caught ourselves when we weren’t in certainty about our hopes and dreams and aspirations are unfolding in our life. What if we caught ourselves when we were having any negative thinking about our good coming to us.

We have all had difficult life events or circumstances that may cause us to doubt, may cause us to be less than certain about life, times when things didn’t work out as expected. My meditation guidance was to “catch that” thinking, and replace it with a thought of certainty, of expectancy that the good you desire will unfold.

Here are some practices to play with this week to flex your BELIEVING muscle:

  • Check your thinking. Scan your consciousness. What are you saying to yourself about BELIEVING that your dreams and desires will happen? Notice if your BELIEVING muscle needs to be strengthened, if you are doubting. Catch your thinking.
  • Affirm to yourself that you BELIEVE that good is unfolding, that you BELIEVE your aspirations and desires will be created. Say to yourself, “I BELIEVE that ________ is unfolding perfectly for me…”, or “I BELIEVE with certainty that all good, even better than what I’m imagining will happen in my life.” Build that BELIEVING muscle by affirming that you do believe. Plant some seeds that you do BELIEVE that a force of good is working in your favor.
  • A good practice is to not be worried or concerned about HOW the unfolding will happen, but to practice feeling as if it has happened in your life.
  • Then, be on the lookout for the good happening, for the desires unfolding. Notice it. Be in gratitude when you see it happening (and be in gratitude about it happening even BEFORE it happens!)

For me, this insight is about me catching my mind when it doubts, and recommitting that I BELIEVE in the magic and wonder if the Universe for it all to unfold in a perfect and good way.

Wishing you a week of catching any thinking that is less than BELIEVING, and trusting that all good is on it’s way.



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