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Book Update & Social Media Practices


July 9, 2023

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you having an amazing summer, doing all the things that fill your heart with love and gratitude. I have been super blessed over here. My son Tyler has been home for a couple of months. He is a cool kid, and inspiring and fun to spend time with. I’m blessed for sure. He heads to Chicago in August as he continues his medical school application process. Fingers crossed.

It’s been a good couple of months in another way too. You may remember, I reached out to my community to ask for followers on Instagram as a book publisher was looking at my brand and following presence. Well – I heard back from them – and I didn’t quite have the social media following they were looking for. Sigh. So this news wasn’t good, but it did help me to get clear on a few things.

This decision caused me to stop and pause. Is that what I should be doing? Building a following worthy of a book publisher? I’ll be honest, I don’t know how to do it, I don’t know how the algorithm works and how your work is shared. I don’t have any idea on how to reach new people. I don’t have any desire to sink money into promoting myself on social media. I decided to turn to reading as I paused my creative engines.

Two books caught my attention. First, The Creative Act by Rick Rubin. Love this guy. So genuine and low ego. He talked about your creativity as being an act of devotion to God. Yes! I know for sure that I want to continue with that commitment, to create as an act of devotion to God. I love the thought of each blog post, video, saying somehow sharing kindness, compassion, love, appreciation, possibility – all in a devotion to God. So, I’m clear on that. I want to keep on with that intention.

The second book that is shaping my way forward is Stolen Focus by Johann Hari. I really loved it. It helped me to look at my social media practices, and how these platforms are designed to suck us in and keep us scrolling. It made me want to do better. This is how it’s shaping up for me:

  • Less time on social media
  • Remove my phone and devices from my bedroom
  • When I am on social media, for all good only, loving and supporting people, generously sharing from my creative heart
  • Not to get concerned about a following, just share with the intent of kindness, when it feels good and inspiring
  • Don’t purchase social media advertising, go old school – connections and community
  • I want people’s experience of me to not be pushing anything, but sharing generously with kindness, being really respectful of people and their time

So, I’m in gratitude. The book deal being declined has helped me to get honest with myself about how I want to be of service with my creativity. I have a few ideas of how it may look different moving forward, and I hope this continues to shape up in a good way.

I am in deep appreciation of your support as I chased the dream with this publisher, thank you! Let’s stay connected about how I can cheer you on support you with your desires and wishes! It’s not the end of the road with the book, just a nudge to be true in more ways, and authentic, and open to possibilities.

In much gratitude,


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