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Holding Hands With Your Dream…


November 12, 2020

I am wondering about you…and your dream…how is it going? Are you giving it your attention? Or are you feeling a little weary and fatigued? In the course of 2020, have you forgotten your dream, or put it on hold?

I do have a little opinion on this. I believe our dreams, you know the ones that come from deep in our heart, I believe they are right there waiting for us, ready for us to “hold hands” with it, and bring it a little closer. I believe our dreams don’t give up because of chaos and overwhelm, a pandemic. Your dream may need to be adjusted or modified a bit, but you still can have a dream. I believe it’s up to us to draw our focus away from all the external noise and turn within to remember what is most important to us, and the dreams we hold close. Let’s Hold Hands With Our Dream and bring it close again.

I’d like to share a little meditation process on Holding Hands With Your Dream, drawing it closer, listening to it, honoring it…most importantly, not giving up on it:

  • Find a little silence, a little stillness. Put your hands over your heart, and breathe through your heart area. Center yourself for a few minutes.
  • Then remember your dream. The one that comes from deep in your heart. Not the one you “should” be doing, the one you kind of long for and are inspired by. What is it? What is that dream that wants your attention?
  • Remember this dream. Remember what you love about it. Remember what excites you about it. Bring it to life, see it unfolding.
  • Now, imagine that this dream is really close. That it’s not far off, that it’s with you, right beside you, that you are holding hands with it. Imagine it is in your life and it’s starting to unfold and come to life. How does it feel? What are the details?
  • You continue to bring it closer and closer to you. You realize there are steps you can take, this week, tomorrow, even today to bring your dream closer. What are these steps? What can you start to do?
  • What if every day you imagined your dream happening in your life. You imagined it was close. What if you honored it every day by giving it a little time in your imagination?

This week is a perfect time to reconnect with that dream. Honor it. Love it. Play with it. Imagine it. Give it some time. Take some steps towards it…gain a little momentum. Then next week…dream some more. Imagine it. Bring it close. Take some more steps to move closer to it. Here’s a bullet journal to help you get started:

Wishing you many moments of Holding Hands With Your Dream, you do have places to go together!



p.s. – Grab this print here to tuck in your journal:

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