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3 Tips to Make Someday TODAY


June 21, 2020

Hey friends! Hoping this finds you well and easing into summer. I’m writing today about the topic of Making Your Someday – TODAY. I’d like to share with you 3 action-oriented tips you can put into practice to make your Somedays TODAY.

Before I share the tips…I hope you like the Someday TODAY image. Here’s a download of it for your refrigerator, or to tuck in your journal: https://jilldianesaunders.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/c82_5x7_Somedaytoday_edited-1.pdf I originally got the idea for this card after visiting with my ex-mom in law, Sherry. Sherry and I were at my son’s baseball game, and she was sharing with me how she and Gene had bought a camper and were traveling all over to spots they had always wanted to visit. She inspired me. Their story is one of making their “Someday Today” – and following their heart’s desires.

Do you have a dream or aspiration that you’ve been putting off? Do you have an inkling to follow an inspiration that you haven’t been listening to? Have you told yourself it’s impossible to start today, and put it on a list for someday? Are you discouraged, or disappointed? Have you given up?

You’ve heard this before, and today is just a gentle reminder. We need to make our Somedays TODAY. Here are 3 Tips to help you:

Tip 1: Get Clear on What You are Putting Off

Be honest with yourself, what are you putting off? Is it a big dream or desire? Is it a small adjustment? What are you telling yourself is not possible? What are you saying you’ll get to someday? Get clear on this. If it’s lurking around in your subconscious, and you’re not paying attention to it, it can cause you to feel empty, unsatisfied, discouraged. We need to pay attention to these inklings and desires we have. Listen to yourself. Take note of what you have put on the Someday list.

Tip 2: Discover Time

When I’m working with coaching clients, we go through the exercise of looking at where they are spending time. They say, “I don’t have time to learn the new language, try the new hobby, invest in a relationship, start gardening.” When doing the exercise, the clients are surprised to find the amount of time they are spending on numbing behaviors. These are things we do that don’t add a lot of value to our lives, and numb us in a way. Numbing activities could look like NetFlix binges, social media, consuming alcohol. watching the news endlessly. You probably know what your behaviors are. Be honest with yourself, do a check and discover what is draining…what isn’t adding value, how do you numb or check out? Then take that time back to spend on activities that make your Someday TODAY.

Tip 3: Practice Daily Focused Intention

So, you are clear on what you are postponing, and you are discovering some time to create new possibilities. Now the practice is to create a daily focused intention to make your Someday TODAY. I suggest each week making a list of 10 activities/behaviors/actions that will move you towards your desires. Then, every morning, create a practice of focusing your intention for the day. What can you do TODAY? What action can you take in your new-found time? Or, how might you need to prioritize differently to make time for these important actions TODAY? When I work with coaching clients, we develop a morning practice of naming what can be done today, then committing to that action. Keep a focused intention on your dreams and desires, and take steps daily towards moving forward. Consider the practice of not going to bed until you’ve taken at least one step towards making your Someday TODAY. You’ll be amazed by how this makes you feel!

The world needs whatever your heart and mind are scheming up. Don’t delay…make your Someday TODAY.



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