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Gratitude Cocktail


November 27, 2021

Hi Friends,

I have fallen in love with having a daily gratitude practice. It feels so good to fall into a lullaby of all that I am grateful for. I focus on my heart, then activate a feeling of gratitude by saying, “I am so very grateful for _________”. I repeat it over and over again, and soon a feeling of gratitude swells up in my heart.

And here’s what I know. There is a science to this practice of gratitude. The neurotransmitters in my brain give me a shot of happiness. My nervous system goes into coherence with the feeling of gratitude in my heart. I’d love to share more with you about the Gratitude Cocktail that is created with a practice of gratitude. Do check out this little video for some more detail (link is in a light color):

In gratitude for you,


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