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Reset Practice #6: Take Inspired, Messy, Imperfect Action


August 7, 2021

Welcome back to the Summer 2021 RESET process! I appreciate your kind notes, and truly hope you are inspired or nudged to take action towards RESETTING.

This week, let’s explore a really important step, taking INSPIRED, MESSY, IMPERFECT action. If you have been following along, I’m hoping you have gained clarity on what’s whispering and nudging you, what your heart is calling for, your core values, and dreams and aspirations you have. Now it’s time to set a clear focus and intention on the way forward, and begin to move in that direction.

Let me share some of my best tips on how to START, how to start taking those inspired, messy, imperfect actions towards that truth in your heart:

  • Identify a 6 Month Focus. I’ve mentioned several times in this series that where your attention goes your energy flows. So, if you are scattered, unfocused, pulled in many directions, it’s hard to make progress towards your dreams and aspirations. A good practice to put in place, if you really want to create a change, is to set a focus or goal for the next 6 months. What is one goal you would like to accomplish in the next 6 months? This goal should be one that inspires you, that puts your dreams in motion. Get really clear and name a focus for the next 6 months. Ask yourself, what would it look and feel like if you have accomplished this goal in the next 6 months? I think you’ll find is that there is magic when you set a clear focus and intention. Your energy can be aligned towards this goal, and you’ll be sourced with momentum to keep going. One clear goal allows you to focus and get traction.
  • Start taking INSPIRED, MESSY, IMPERFECT action towards that goal. There’s a lot to say here on the art of taking action. Let me share a few ideas for you to consider.
    • My first tip is to BEGIN. You may not have the whole plan of how to get “there”, you may have a doubting mindset, you may not feel like you have all the resources you need. Know this, there is magic in BEGINNING. Start today, what is one action you can take towards your 6 month focus/goal?
    • My suggestion is that you create sacred time each week for planning what actions you can take to make progress toward your goal. Each week, make a list of inspired, messy, imperfect steps and actions that will put your dream in motion, that will bring you closer to your 6 month focus/goal. Then, begin to block off time on your calendar to take these steps. What can you do immediately? This week? Next week? Block off time on your calendar for your actions. Make these action steps sacred and important. Don’t put them off. This is how the magic and momentum starts.
    • Notice what ideas, inspirations, whispers, or nudges you may be getting. That inspiration is guidance meant just for you! Trust it, take the action on the idea or nudge. Then what can happen is that you will get inspired with the next step, then the next step. Don’t expect the entire plan to be clear to you. Take it one inspired, messy action at a time.
    • Don’t wait for all the perfect conditions to fall into place before you take action. Get moving! Be imperfect and messy, develop a mindset of progress over perfection. Love yourself for being imperfect and in motion.
    • If you are feeling stuck on a way forward, pay attention to what you keep thinking about as a way forward. That’s a sign. If you disregard an idea or inspiration, you may get feelings of discouragement or worry or concern. That negative voice in your head can kick in and slow you down. Trust that idea or inspiration on a way forward that you keep getting nudged to do.
    • I believe that God will never give up on giving you ideas, and nudges on how to reach a goal. If you are feeling confused, ask for some guidance, what would be a good next step?
    • Do remember to enjoy and savor each step of the journey. If you think, “I’ll be happy when I’ve reached this goal”, you miss out on all the joy of it unfolding. Be grateful and appreciative of the journey.

Even when the journey gets hard or difficult, if you’ve been connecting to your heart, you’ll have this endless source of energy to give you the determination, grit, and perseverance you need.

In summary, get clear on the 6 month goal, make it a sacred practice to plan your inspired…messy…imperfect actions, block off time for your important actions, pay attention to the whispers and nudges. These are all really good practices that set your intention in motion. I think what you’ll find is that when you tell the Universe this is important to you, your important desires and goals begin to unfold.

Wishing you an inspired, messy, imperfect way forward,


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