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I think he was flirting…


August 9, 2022

I went to Sebastian Joe’s for dinner on Monday night. An ice cream cone sounded perfect. I was in the office during the day, so picture me showered with a cute new top on as I head in to get my cone.

I ordered my Pavarotti cone, and headed out to the patio to enjoy it. I was a little oblivious to who was around me, concentrating on my ice cream not falling off the cone as I enjoyed my first few licks. I found a seat.

Then, he started talking to me, “That’s a really cute shirt you have on.” I looked up and there was a cute guy at a nearby table talking to me. He had his laptop open, and appeared to be working. I replied, “thank you,” and shared with him that I went to the office, so actually got dressed for the day. We exchanged some small talk about going back into the office and connecting with people.

He worked some more, I worked on my cone and a little drip fell on my shirt. Then he said, “You are awfully brave to eat a cone without a napkin in this heat.” I shared I was ok with taking the risk.

Anyone who is in my inner circle knows that I have struggled with on-line dating. I haven’t dated in a long time. So, in this moment, I didn’t know what to say next. In hindsight, I should have said anything – just anything Jill, c’mon. I was without words. Flirt Jill.

I finished my cone, then stood up, and said “thanks for the conversation,” and headed out. Sigh. Seriously Jill, is that all you could do? Why didn’t I at least look at his ring finger? Why not ask him a question?

Here’s where the magic kicks in. I was driving to get some caffeine the next morning, and this whisper popped in. It said “MOMENTous starts with MOMENT. Pay attention to your MOMENTS.” Ah yes, I get it. In hindsight, why didn’t I just enjoy the moment and conversation with him? Why didn’t I just sit there, and fumble around trying to find something to say? What if I had enjoyed the moment instead of rushing off?

So friends, let this be a reminder. MOMENTous starts with a MOMENT. Let’s enjoy our juicy MOMENTS before summer runs out, and watch something MOMENTous unfold. Let’s take in a few breaths, and really arrive at where we are, and love it. I do this all the time when I facilitate groups, I arrive and breathe. What a good reminder that my whole life deserves this kind of arriving in the MOMENT, to let little MOMENTous MOMENTS unfold in life.

Wishing you many delicious MOMENTS and a MOMENTous August.


  1. mary says:

    That was lovely. Thank you! I wish you had grabbed on. I’d love to see the shirt.
    Love to you on this beautiful day!

  2. Molly says:

    Love you sharing this story and great message!!

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