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A Secret to Launching Into 2021


January 10, 2021

I think you are going to love this process, it’s a secret to launching into 2021!  We’ve come off a year that’s been full of challenges, hard times, wishes, and desires.  There’s so much that’s been happening in the external world that we may have lost touch with what’s happening in our heart.  Let’s change that, and start off the New Year with a heart excavation process where we listen to what’s truly important to us!  Let’s take stock.

Here’s how the heart excavation process works:

  • Print out the Heart Excavation Tool.  This tool has 60+ prompts to help you uncover what’s happening in there.  No worries, you won’t be answering all the prompts. Heart Excavation Tool:
  • For one week, pick out 5 excavation prompts a day that resonates with you.  Answer these prompts in a journal.  Some answers may be pretty quick… some may take some deeper digging.  What you are doing here is excavating the truths of your heart.  No doubt you’ve had some insights about yourself this last year.
  • Before you write each day, a good practice is to center yourself.  You can do this by placing your hand over your heart and taking some deep breaths in and out until you feel centered in your heart.
  • After the week is done, take stock of what you’ve found out.  What’s most important to you?  What have you learned?  What do you most want to pay attention to in the New Year and beyond?  What are your truths?  Spend some time reflecting on what you’ve excavated and how it can help shape a way forward.

If we build a way forward plan just from the head, we miss out.  It can be a little empty and ego-driven.  Creating from the head and heart gives us energy, it opens up possibilities, it honors our true desires. 

Several years ago I heard this:

Everyone has a dream tucked deep in their heart…

Your job is to teach them how to stand on their head so it can fall out…

So, that’s what I’m doing this week.  Helping you stand on your head and empty out and excavate the truths in that beautiful heart of yours.  Have fun!



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