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The Reset


June 6, 2021

I was talking to a dear friend last week, and she shared with me that she would like to have a life reset. Do you know the feeling? When I tune into my life, I want a reset too. I want a summer of restoring, replenishing, resting, creating, connections, play. As I listened to her talk, I thought, I wonder how many people are feeling this way?

Then my creative juices started to flow. I thought, what if I blogged about a nurturing, gentle, intuitive, creative, did I say gentle process for resetting over the course of the summer? I’d approach it like I’m talking to my very good friend, and sharing with her my very best and empathetic resources, creating bullet journals and journal prompts that will help you to heal from what we’ve been through, and then focus and create a life filled with your heart’s desires.

Are you in? I hope so!

Here’s a peak at the reset process I’m scheming up for you:

Silence the Noise

  • Create a decadent self care practice. Create rituals that will care and love you, nothing fancy here. Allow yourself time to rest and restore after the last year, and signal your heart and soul that you are caring for it and getting ready to pay attention to what’s calling you.
  • Make peace with the past. Discover how what’s a struggle and hard is preparing you for something bigger. Open your heart to great self-love by appreciating how you are the hero of your journey.
  • Detach from what triggers you, and the downward spiral it may cause. Manage your energy in a practical way by developing strategies for the triggers. This will be a game changer for restoring your energy!
  • Learn some tips for how to listen to life’s whispers. I’ve got some goodies to share about tuning into your wisdom and guidance.

Declare What’s Most Important

  • Practice gratitude bathing. Soak in and appreciate what’s working and giving you joy. Then, also practice being grateful for the difficulties, begin to shift the challenges into stepping stones that will serve you on your journey.
  • Reconnect with your values – what is really most important to you? Are you making choices that support your deepest values? Or, is life misaligned in some way? Let’s get connected to the truths in your heart, and begin to identify ways to let them unfold.
  • Begin to declare your dream! Pay attention to those inner nudges and guidance, what is calling you? What most wants your attention? What don’t you want to have regrets about?
  • Reclaim your focus by shifting from Problems to Possibilities. Dance with your desires, give attention to your dreams, heal your thinking. Become super aware of the stories you are telling yourself so you can shift to a story of love, joy, success, and possibility.

Take Messy, Uncomfortable, Inspired, Imperfect Actions

  • Develop practices that gently move you into action. What action are you inspired to take? What feels good and give you joy? How can you lay your head on the pillow with the knowing that it has been a good day?
  • What is your focus for the next 6 months? Where your attention goes, the energy flows. Begin to create momentum by having a focus. Then plan it!

My plan is to blog once a week or so, more or less.

My intent is to help you rest, restore, replenish, renew, refocus, reset, just like we are having a conversation in my backyard.

Conspiring for your best!


  1. Laurie Schmidt says:

    Oh my! This is so lovely and inviting! When do we start!?!

  2. Kris says:

    Looking forward to it – just shared this with all my friends.

    • Jill Saunders says:

      Oh Kris! Thanks so much. I am having fun pulling it together. I hope to post the first blog post and worksheets this Saturday. xo

  3. Colleen says:

    I am a friend of Kris – so glad she shared your blog with me!

    I am ready to reset and renew 🌻

    • Jill Saunders says:

      I’m glad she shared it too! So glad you are here. I’m having fun creating the materials and process. Let’s reset! xo

  4. Ellie says:

    Looks wonderful, Jill! You have touched my soft spot! I think I’ll go for the reset!!

  5. Kim says:

    I’m in this couldn’t of arrived at a better time thank you!!!

    • Jill Saunders says:

      Oh good Kim! Thanks for the note. I’ve got several planned for the summer…keep in touch! Jill

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