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My Book – An Agent – God on Followers – Blue Cashmere


September 18, 2022

As you know, I love to write original, heartfelt sayings. Often times I am prompted to write them after I’ve gone through an experience in life, or even after spending time with someone. It’s a little magic in my world which is evidence to me that God knows what is going on with us. I had this idea, what if I packaged up my story of how I hear the whispers and nudges, and share some tips about how anyone can listen to their whispers. So I did it! I wrote a book! Check. My dear neighbor, Rebecca, edited it – and made it so much better.

Now – what do I do with it? I’ve taken a class on how to get a book published, it was a little overwhelming. I investigated self-publishing. Neither felt quite right. Then, a few months ago, I was networking and met a really cool, delightful man who is a literary agent! Bingo. This is the kind of guy who radiates positive vibes, and is very generous and helpful. So, he said he’d share my book with a few good fit publishers, and see if there may be an interest. Here’s the catch. He shared that publishers are looking for authors that have 20,000 – 30,000 followers on social media. Quite a few, I think my Instagram is at 220. Sigh. How in the world does anyone ever get 20,000 followers?

I felt a little disappointed about living in a world that requires us to have Instagram followers for creative projects to take off. It didn’t make sense to me. What if having a book would help you to get followers? Then, I was reminded of a saying I was inspired to write when I wasn’t having success on Instagram. It went like this:

So, God gave me a little coaching to keep it in perspective, that not getting noticed doesn’t mean you aren’t with perfection. Ok, I think I’m getting it.

What I feel grateful about is that I did it, I wrote the book, I got it created. It’s fun, honest, original, insightful, and hopefully inspiring! And, to make things a little better, I did decide to treat myself to a blue cashmere sweater that has a perfect little pocket on it, on a fall sale for 40% off. Yes, a little cashmere does make it better, wouldn’t you agree?

My friends, I believe in following dreams, in chasing possibilities, in living out what’s on your heart. I hope you do too. Because you have a perfection that is yours, only yours.

Thanks for being on the journey with me. I hope to share more with you so that you know, beyond a doubt, that you are with a perfection that deserves to be expressed, lived, shared. We need you.

With love,


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